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News from Singapore + The last Pai Pictures are up on the Interweb

Since last night i am in Singapore. Had an late afternoon flight with Air Asia from Bangkok. Than an incredible cheap subway ride – 1.30€!!!! – from the airport to Delphines house and a few Pastis over there. Today i walked down the river to Marina Bay to see what has changed since last year. A few new buildings and a few that are still not finished. Compared to Bangkok it is less hot – only 32 instead of 37 but very humid – so the result is more or less the same – you sweat to much!
The heavy camera did not really help!

I put the last pictures from Pai on a facebook album. There are some that where not in the blog! If you are interested: here is a link to it!
You do not have to sign up for it!

Pai 2013