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Pai – what is going on??

I do stay at Twin-Hut again. Pat‘s pace since 3 years. Terry does refer to the place as the real Pai – like it was many many moons ago. This is a chilled place where you meet the same people and new faces every year – like Family Hut before. Tonight for example Chris did offer me to invite me for dinner, when he picked me up Pat told us that the family at Family Hut does BBQ tonight and they have some seafood for me (as i am still vegetarian – but i do eat certain seafood). So we changed course and went there for some nice Lahu style BBQ. Mama was there and the rest of the family. Good old times!!

Since i am here i could not go for lunch or dinner. Tee was inviting me, Chris was cooking, a few times i was at Terry’s place and Asama did the most amazing Lisu dishes. Good times – good times. Even i made new Thai friends in that few days – still this place has some magic after all!
Dimitrie will not come up this year – he is in BKK to get his teeth fixed. Maria will fly to Thailand January 18th – so let’s see what she is up to.
This is quite a unique year so far…

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