The Two Wheelers in front of the Hotel in Ninh Binh

Sitting in front of the hotel and taking some snaps of the two-wheeled traffic for a few minutes Speeeeed Guy on a Motorbike Do not text and drive Mother with children Dream team on the way home from the rice field Taking the kid to town Red riding - no hood What are you looking at?" Riding home from school Off to town Family back from shopping" Going to town shopping Relaxed afternoon ride The guys have fun It was not cold but it…

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The bored Shopkeepers of Hội An

The Old Quarter is not the same Old Quarter any more. They did open shops and restaurants in almost all the buildings. And most of them sell the same. No wonder they do not have to many customers. So if you are the shopkeeper or work in one of the shops you do one thing for most of the day: waiting! Waiting for customers and waiting for your shift to end or waiting to close the shop in the evening. I wonder what they…

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Last Batch of Bangkok Pictures

Still a good place to eat and watch the crowd - opposite from the Gecko Bar Skyscraper Hostel?? That does look like an expensive way to build a small house Thay style waiting for your turn to get payload Yeah - there is blue sky in Bangkok! Not sure what this is but it does look like a big piece of advertising... Today the little brother is here too Did catch Monika and Alex on the day they had their flight to China. Long…

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