Beijing to Guilin

Another day in the city. I really enjoy the flat of Sonia and Schutze. They are in Shanghai so i have the whole place for myself. In the living room they have floor to roof windows - great a lot of light and a lot to see - buildings for example :-) Today they put the "clean the air for olympia" plan in the capital in order - that means that on one day only cars with an even last number can drive and…

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Same Same but very Different

Today i went to the Forbidden City to walk a little bit and dive slow into China. And it is still like it was when i was here last time. A lot of Chinese come and whant their picture taken with me. Never happens that much in other countries. As you can imagine - Beijing is a major construction zone. Last minute preparations for Olympia and the usuall construction stuff. This building is quite interesting!!

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