Beijing to Guilin

Another day in the city. I really enjoy the flat of Sonia and Schutze. They are in Shanghai so i have the whole place for myself. In the living room they have floor to roof windows – great a lot of light and a lot to see – buildings for example :-)

Today they put the “clean the air for olympia” plan in the capital in order – that means that on one day only cars with an even last number can drive and on the other the ones with uneven. This puts 2.000.000 cars out from the road. Lets see how the air is tomorrow. The city if full of new planted trees and still they work and work to make everything nice till august 8th. Yesterday i went to the “Birds nest” to make a few pictures – no way to get even close to it. It is fenced of and soldiers gard the whole thing. 2 bad!!! Security all over the place – today it was te 1st time that even i had to xray my camera bag before entering the subway.

I booked a flight down to Guilin at the 22nd! Like to see some green while i am over here.
The ticket need to be confirmed before so i hope that will work out.

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