A few more days till my next India Trip

Kunzum Pass India 2012
This is where i want to go – back to the Indian mountains

How to spend Summer?

Since i had to cut my winter trip 5 weeks short i got here to early. Than i did my eBay thing and sold comics. A week at Majorca and 10 days in Switzerland. And now another week in France. Since i have to wait till fall for the second round of eBay i have enough time. BUT Joga has his birthday party at September 13. And that does fuck up everything. Since we wanted to go and hike a few days at the end of September i can not go to Greece than. So lets see – 2 weeks in October? And i do not want to fly so far for only 4-6 weeks. So in the end i decided to try to get to Leh again. The last few times the roads where still closed or flooded and bridges gone. I have my flight from July 15 to September 11. If you are somewhere over there lets connect and meet!

So after filling out the very very loooong visa form i was able to get all the information together and did mail the passport.

India 2014
On the web site they tell you it takes up to 4 weeks so you better get the visa before the flight. Guess what – the passport was back in 8 days including one public holiday!

From Dehli i have a connection flight to Amritsar at noon. Will go Couchsurfing at a more than 300 year old red brick fort. It was built by his family that came over the mountains from what is now known as Pakistan. They did settle there and build the family home. Mr. Singh converted it into a hotel with 2 pools and a few rooms. He has his horses there and the food in the canteen is organic from his own fields.

Amritsar India 2012
I will stay again with Mr. Singh – my great host from last time in Amritsar!

Amrizar India 2012
Last time i had the room behind the pool where the door is open

Looking forward to chill there for 5 days before it goes towards the mountains.

Golden Temple India 2012
Will visit the Golden Temple again. No visit to Amrizar would be complete without it.

Than it is off to Srinagar, Kargil and Leh. Up the Nubra Valley and than toward Spiti Valley – lets see how much time is left after that!

India 2012
I might stop in Kalga to visit friends?

India 2012
Looks like somewhere in Europe does it?

India 2012
I might go to Pin Valley again

Dhankar Gompa India 2012
Visit Dhankar Gompa again – the building on the top left. It is one of the 100 most endangered sites in the world.

Demul India 2012
See what is left from Demul

Demul India 2012
Stay again with them in Komic

Stop over for a night in Langza

Demul India 2012
Fresh prepared meal for me at the place in Langza

I really look forward to see the mountains again and experience the great hospitality of the mountain people!

A few more days to go – India i am almost there

Ok – i have my visa for India in the new passport – nice. Today i got a bus ticket to Haridwar. Now if things get well i fly into New Delhi at 2.40 in the morning. Guess 2 hours for the bags and immigration. Than i should take it super slow and get into town. Will take the Orange Line to the train station and have breakfast at Main Basar. Sorry crazy Taxi drivers but that is the way to go down town now. After breakfast and some relax time (a beer??) with the Yellow Line to Kashmiri Gate where my Bus leaves at 10.30.
The ticket talks about 16.30 Haridwar – i take that with a grain or two of salt. Anyhow – i can sleep in Haridwar or make the few kilometer to Rishikesh where a bus to Gangotri is the goal for the next day.


After the loooong online form with lots of interesting questions i finally got my visa!


Looks like it will be nice and warm – hope that the aircon in the bus is working! I have the upper sleeper on the left side of the bus. So i can look out of the window or sleep – should be a nice trip. Happy to have a iPod and ear plugs – lets see what i will use more on that trip.


Update from Delhi

Since a few hours i am back in Delhi where i startet winter 2010/2011 18 weeks ago. In two days i fly back home and in two days i am back in Stuttgart if there is no strike. Yes now it is like Greece with the Deutsche Bahn. Hope i get a fast train home from Frankfurt…
I stay with Doug which i did meet at the Annapurna hiking trip in Nepal. Tonight there is a party so it looks like i came at the right time 🙂
Looking forward to be back home – not because it is very cold there but i have tons of things waiting to get done. Lets see how the rest of the year plays!

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