From Otres Beach to Trat and finally to Bangkok

Did get a ticket to Trat in Thailand straight from Otres Beach in Cambodia. So it comes with pick up at the "hotel" and goes all the way to Trat bus station. Now the next morning i had to be out at 6 in the morning - that is not really my time of the day but that is that and i wanted to go to Trat. The taxi to the bus turned out to be a small motor bike and the driver had…

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A few Pictures from Otres Beach in Sihanoukville

After a few days in Kampot Maya and Nana went down to the Otres Beach in Sihanoukville. Since i wanted to visit Terry down there i went with them. We where lucky to find some rooms as everything was full by the time we got there. And we did find the place that was really chilled. The owner was unfriendly all the time and did not really gave a shit about nothing. He was busy most of the time with rolling joints or watching…

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