Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 11 – From Sibiu to Budapest

Got up early and put the car in motion towards Hungary. On the way, I saw an old school-house that I wanted to picture so we stopped in Sebes for a coffee. Sebes Old school building from 1865: Education is freedom Church in Sebes - note the small towers! Some old guy closed the church gates when we wanted to get in. They have a lunch break here! Reminds me of Italy where many churches are closed as well. Some old canon Coffee break…

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Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 10 – Day 2 in Sibiu

The second day in Sibiu. We walk around the old town and enjoy the old streets with the old houses. And the blue sky of course. There is so much to see in this little part of the city that you need two days at last. Better make it more days and you have more time to go to the museums which I could not in that short time. You find the 1st part of the Sibiu pictures from this trip here. Nice frame…

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Athens to Stuttgart Road Trip Part 9 – From Vidin to Sibiu

On the Road again! On the bridge to Romania On the 56 near Dolj On the 65c near Vâlcea⁩ Small settlements along the streets Every house has the graves next to it - and a small bridge that goes there More graves ‎⁨Vâlcea⁩ Henri Coandă and the Coandă-1910 Henri Coandă went to school and studied in Romania, Germany and Belgium. After a short stint in the army he went for a car trip to Isfahan, Teheran, and Tibet in 1908!! After his return he…

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