From Singapore to Penang with a Stop in Kuala Lumpur

January 30, 2015 at 15:07

Was sitting in Singapore a few days to long. But I could help Delphine a bit with her new apartment so everything good. Since I had an appointment in Bangkok at the 26th it was time to move. And there where other people waiting on the way up as well. Thank you very much Delphine for the couch and hospitality! A quick online check and I found a good company to bring me over the border and up to Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore Winter 14/15
Made for small people

Welcome to Malaysia
Could not really complain about my bus company. Took the public transport bus to a small mall somewhere in Singapore and they had a nice office to wait. Than a nice girl took me to the bus. Turned out that there where only 2 more passengers on that one. As soon as we where in Malaysia we even had WiFi. What else to ask for?
Somehow the sky opened and closed from time to time – and when it rains it pours!
The driver did not bring me downtown Kuala Lumpur after he asked me where to go. The plan was to meet Gabe at Bangsar LRT station so he dropped me somewhere out-of-town at a LRT station. The train was faster than the bus at rush hour and I was able to be at the station in time. We went for Roti and it was good!

At Gabes place in Kuala Lumpur
My room in Kuala Lumpur – Cheers Gabe!!

Birthday Party in Kuala Lumpur
We went to a birthday party and there was Red and lots of pretty girls – win!

Graveyard in Kuala Lumpur
Gabes father is almost 98 but works every day. And Sunday it is off to church in the morning. He asked me if I want to come and since I sleep under his roof I went. Out of bed at 8 – shower, coffee and a bit later we where in the car – direction downtown. The last Catholic mass I attended was – hmmmm – I know it was in Kreuzthal and I was quite small – ages! The priest was old and I could not understand a word. The girls on the side used the same PA and I could understand them.
After mass we went to the graveyard to look after the grave of Gabe’s mother.

At Gabes place in Kuala Lumpur
And after a week it was time to say Adios Amigo! Thanks Gabe Man!

On the way to Penang
I did want a certain bus company but somehow they managed to put me in this bus. Had the front seat – smooth ride and a good view.

Hostel in Georgetown
My hostel bed in Georgetown. 3,40 € a night with WiFi. I know – usually I do not go to hostels and I would not have here as well. The ferry got into Georgetown about 19:00, another 15 minutes with the bags to walk towards Love Lane area. At this time in the evening you find no cheap room in high season nowhere in a tourist hot spot in SEA. So i was super happy to get the last bed 🙂

Hmmm Vegetarian soup – yum yum and less than 0.9 €

Hotel in Georgetown
The Shanghai in the night – naaah – this is not my hotel!

Nightmarket in Georgetown
Food food fooood – night market in the streets

Bar in Georgetown
The BetelNut Tree – big beer was 14 MR! Same price as the small market next door. And 3,50 MR cheaper than 7/11 – cool!

Ice cold Skol
Now that IS an ice cold beer!!

I have my Flight for Winter 12/13

October 19, 2012 at 20:56

That took me 2 days in Greece at the Beach Bar as i could not believe that the flight is soooo expensive. Finally i did find one for 942 without Rail&Fly. X-Mas – that is our X-Mas the 24th of December from FRA – BKK and back at the 29th of March from SIN to FRA. Some of the girls have to work so we go down to Phuket for new year. Than back to BKK and up to Pai. Guess i do spend most of the time up there. Mid March down to Malaysia. Might stop on the island again. Than KL to visit Gabe and finally down to Singapore to see Delphine and the rest of the gang down there again.
Hope to meet lots of old friends again and make lots of new ones!

winter 2012 / 2013

Where you have to much food to choose from

winter 2012 / 2013

Looking 4ward to their hot plates

winter 2012 / 2013

Will eat less or none seafood this year

winter 2012 / 2013

So nothing of this anymore

winter 2012 / 2013

Will smile at happy Thai people doing happy Thai people things

winter 2012 / 2013

Will walk the street at 11.30 in the night and it is still way over 30 degrees

winter 2012 / 2013

Will not have a drink here

winter 2012 / 2013

Might go clubbing again here

winter 2012 / 2013

There is allways a Love baloon for you too!

I am in Singapore

March 6, 2012 at 11:55

After 4 night on the island and 6 at Gabe’s place in Kuala Lumpur i did reach Delphine’s place in Singapore for the last few days in Asia for this trip. I have a few pictures from Malaysia – i was to lazy to take more and it was quite hot. Here is the -> link <- to the pictures!

I fly out at the 14th of March and stay one night in Frankfurt for Alexandras birthday. Stuttgart should be the 16th of March. Looking forward to meet a few friends here in Singapore – lets see what happens 🙂