Pictures from Georgetown, Penang
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Pictures from Georgetown, Penang

George Town is the capital of the state of Penang in Malaysia. It is named after Britain’s King George III. Countless Chinese and Indian temples, neoclassical reminders of the Raj and a gazillion old-fashioned little shops make Georgetown a fascinating place to wander.It was listed by UNESCO in 2008 as a World Heritage Site and…

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From Singapore to Penang with a Stop in Kuala Lumpur

Was sitting in Singapore a few days to long. But I could help Delphine a bit with her new apartment so everything good. Since I had an appointment in Bangkok at the 26th it was time to move. And there where other people waiting on the way up as well. Thank you very much Delphine…

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I have my Flight for Winter 12/13

That took me 2 days in Greece at the Beach Bar as i could not believe that the flight is soooo expensive. Finally i did find one for 942 without Rail&Fly. X-Mas – that is our X-Mas the 24th of December from FRA – BKK and back at the 29th of March from SIN to…

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I have my Flight for Winter 2011/2012

1st Stop Singapure 26th of December Quick to Bangkok for nice food and Pretty Girls Than up to Pai and the windy roads of the North My Birthday i want to have on this island Meet him again And see lots of fish Than a visit in Kuala Lumpur And back to Singapore Back in…