A few more Pictures from Georgetown
Selfie on the Clan Jetty

A few more Pictures from Georgetown

The last batch of pictures from Georgetown, Penang.

Tourists in Georgetown
Not my cup of tea. But good for the guys owning the trishaw – hope the guys that pedal the bike do own it as well!

War Memorial in Georgetown

War Memorial in Georgetown
To much shit went down here

Clock Tower in Georgetown
The famous Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower. Commissioned in 1897 by a local millionaire to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, it stands 60ft high, with each foot representing a year of the Queen’s 60-year reign.

Many Languages
One language is not enough if you want to catch some biz over here!

Pink Tank
A pink tank with cats and dogs – ok!

Chinese Restaurant in Georgetown
Love them old places

Chinese Tempel in Georgetown
Nothing special on the inside of this temple

Chinese Tempel detail in Georgetown
Nothing special here as well

Chinese Tempel detail in Georgetown
But the facade is something!

Chinese Tempel detail in Georgetown
So many details

Chinese Tempel detail in Georgetown

Chinese Tempel detail in Georgetown

Chinese Tempel detail in Georgetown

Chinese Tempel detail in Georgetown

Old House in Georgetown
Another one that is screaming for help

Old Houses in Georgetown
Build in the 1930′

Bird cage in Georgetown
Poor bird

Old House in Georgetown
Than the 60′ came along

Cat and Mouse in Georgetown
Cat & Mouse

Selfie in Georgetown
But first – let me take a Selfie

Clan Jetty in Georgetown
One of the quite Clan Jetties

Clan Jetty in Georgetown

Roti in Georgetown
Oh – I want another Roti now!

Street Art in Georgetown
Looks like some German tourist put that there. Rather stupid since most locals will confuse that with a religious symbol…

Garage in Georgetown
Waiting for the sun….

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