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Off to Perhentian Kechil

Did take the night train down from Bangkok to Sunkai Kolok last night. In our car the aircon was broken. So i did spend most of the time in the back of the train with two guys from the US. We did open the 3 doors so we had a lot of wind to cool a bit. Started early with the Chang to cool even more. They left at 22.15 to go to the islands. So i went to bed. The next morning we could change the car and had the last part of the trip a nice cold ride. Of course 3.5 later than it should the train got to the last stop. Some food and a taxi ride later it was bye bye Thailand – hello Malaysia. With the next bus to Kota Bharu where i am now.
Tomorrow it is back to the island again. Only for a few days – i am running out of time!


  1. Hi John!

    Coral Beach does not really close i would say. It is in full swing. All dive shops and sleeping places as well as restaurants are open. Long Beach took a hit this monsoon season and most of the places are still repairing. Lets say they drive the usual low season routine at 50%. Time to go :-)

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