Summer Trip 2016 Part 4 – Berlin 2

Part 2 of my Tourist Day in Berlin. We pick it up where we left in Part 1. Humbold University Friedrich II - he does look lost? I guess it is Hermes Russian Embassy The British Embassy Lots of things going on in front of the Brandenburg Gate Why not? He is not a happy man American Embassy on the right - on the left in the back the German Parliament. We do fly 3 German flags and one European. There is still hope…

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Summer Trip 2016 Part 3 – Berlin

Got to Berlin late afternoon. Had to cross half the city to get to Andy's place. I did meet Andy about half a century ago on an island in Thailand. More or less we do meet every winter somewhere and he did visit me in Stuttgart as well. Time to pay him a visit in Berlin. His wife and mother where at his place so we had an interesting evening. I went for some red and on the way back the sky was burning:…

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