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If you have a few Minutes – I have something to read for you about Cambodia

If you ever been to Cambodia or want to go: there is some interesting reading for you: http://www.tourismcambodia.com/news/events/7952/cambodian-horror-show.htm. Sure that most of the tourists do not know anything that went on in the places we go to party now.

1999 – my 1st trip to Cambodia

I still remember my 1st time in 1999 – when Cambodia was still raw from the outside. Now most tourists see only the polished shell – especially the ones that do organized trips. They never even come in contact with the “real” locals. I did the “day-trip” round the Capital one day. Killing fields and S21 and stuff. Naturally, the guide stopped at a big brothel to end the day – looks like that is what most of the white man where doing. Compared with all the talk from the so-called “English teachers” that you meet at the water holes – the stories of them and the stories of the “UN Aid Workers” – what a fucked up world. And the poor locals – once again they are little balls that get pushed around for a few $ more.

If you are going to Laos this winter – go up all the way to the Chinese border – look up the hills. Nothing left! All clear-cut for rubber trees and stuff – that all goes to China later. If you travel to Malaysia – look at endless Palm Oil farms. This was all rainforest not too long ago – sometimes – but only sometimes I am happy to be older. I saw how it looked before. This goes on and on and I do not even have to leave home for this…

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