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Kota Baru

got my ticket for the “Business Class” Bus with SANI Express. Will look if the islands are operating or if everything is still closed.

Update: The bus did stop where the nice brochure of the Malaysian tourist board suggested. than there is public transport they claimed. The transport is a taxi and they wanted to have 120 MR. Well i do not want to buy the taxi – sorry. Than there where the Chinese to the rescue – a girl confirmed with her mother that there is indeed no bus from Gua Musang to Kuala Koh so i got a ticket to Airing – the next village where the road to Kuala Koh starts. Had to wait 1.5 hours – thanks to my MacBook the time went fast – die watch The Darjeeling Express Limited – a nice movie! Than the bus arrived. In the bus and – the gear box broke! No bus – so something does not want me to go to Taman Negara! Got me a ticket to Kota Baru and here i am.

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