The Chandelier Tree of Silver Lake, Los Angeles
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The Chandelier Tree of Silver Lake, Los Angeles

The other night Irenie took me to her friend Adam Tenenbaum and his Chandelier tree in the front yard. Well, not your usual tree I have to say. Adam got me a cold beer and flipped the power switch. Wow – that is quite something! A few years ago Adam came home from a set-building…

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Pictures of 9 Year old Asher Bradshaw at the Venice Beach Skate Park

9 year old Asher Bradshaw steals the attention of the crowd when he skates the pool at the Venice Beach skate park every time. Did bike there today and was happy i took the Canon with me! Asher Bradshaw in the pool – improving on his game. And YES, he can do 540’s and more…

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More Pictures from the Venice Beach Skatepark in Los Angeles

The Venice Beach Skatepark or The “Dennis Polar Bear” Agnew Memorial Skate Park was opened in October 2009. I could not find correct information about the building cost – i found anything from 2.5 million US $ to 3.5 million US $. It has vertical and street features including a 70’s style pool bowl with…

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A few Pictures from Muscle Beach Venice in Los Angeles

Walking round Muscle Beach and did notice that a lot of the machines at the Body Building place where broken. And they want 10$ for a day pass. Well – i did some research and that is what i found: “The original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica was closed in 1959 due to difficulties in…

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A few Pictures from my Beach Walk – Venice Beach to Santa Monica

These are the Fat Tires i was talking about – that is what you ride over here – if you ride in style that is! I do not know who he is but he is famous over here! The Venice Fishing Pier in Venice Beach. Not sure if it was here but i think it…

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Back in Los Angeles – Short Update and a few Pictures

It’s been a long time but finally I’m back again. After more than 22 years – Los Angeles or LA as you might know it. Irene was so kind to open her home in Venice Beach for me the next 3 weeks. She has a flat at Marina del Ray. Pools, Hot Tubs and an…