Up to the Torre Nova des Cap Vermell

Good Morning! Up from my mattress on the floor and to the window. Open the curtain and: Well - another gray morning :-( The boys are still sleeping - time to shower and make some coffee and my breakfast. After they came back from their breakfast the clouds where gone so we decided to go up to the Torre Nova des Cap Vermell. It is and old observation tower above the village that dates back to 1577. At last that is what they say…

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Hiking the Torrent de Pareis in Majorca

Wolfgang Weiss is a longtime resident of Mallorca and is the founder and managing director of the agency Viatges Unics SL, which specialises in outdoor adventure holidays and group travel. He said about the Torrent de Pareis: The famous Torrent de Pareis is a wild and rocky canyon in the Tramuntana, which can be hiked either downwards or upwards, or indeed in both directions. There are some demanding sections in there and needs about 4-5 hours hiking each way through an impressive landscape. An…

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A week in Majorca

2 friends where off for a week to Majorca and invited me to tag along. You only have to pay the flight! Weee - tempting! So I did for out 10.000 miles and a few € and had my ticket. Wanted to fly with the same plane to save the bus commute to the north of the island. Early! Very Early! Airport Stuttgart - way to early for my but here we are. Ready to board! Sunrise at Stuttgart Airport - looks like it…

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