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Wedding in Spain Part 2: From the Flower Store to the Church

Went down to Spain with Grobi for the wedding. He did promise many many moons ago to drive Cristina and Marius for their wedding. Nobody said that the wedding would take place in Spain. But he promised :-)The bride and groom decided that they do not want any pictures of them online – so i…

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On the Way to back from Spain – Cruising in Europe

After the wedding we took 4 days to drive up to Lara & Chris in Switzerland for the last stop before work in Stuttgart. First stop Barcelona Airport to drop off Tschtschenia. Than up the coast towards France for the 1st night. Than along the coast in the south of France till Nimes where we…

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More Pictures from Kythira and the next Moves

Mitsos, his mother and Elena gave me a lift to Athens with the car. We did stay at their house in Athens for a very short night. Than it was off to the airport. Thanks Mitsos for putting me there! Landed in Stuttgart with 140 minutes delay yesterday night. The Greek air monitoring system was…