Winter 17/18 – From Thái Nguyên to Pom Coong

Spend two nights in Thái Nguyên to relax a bit after the loooong drive down from the mountains. Sorry but there was nothing interesting to share. As far as I saw the town when shopping that is. The only interesting thing to report: There was a girl from Brasil I think on her scooter so I went with her to have pizza. No clue why she craved it and sure enough the pizza was as bad as I expected it. That interesting it was.…

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A week in Amsterdam

Dee, Jouke and Gerben where in Amsterdam. And I could squeeze a week in. So it was off to Amsterdam once again. They had a caravan on a small camp ground about 8 kilometres from Amsterdam Centraal. Great to do this with my bike! The Deutsche Bahn BSSo I went online and looked for a train that will get me from Stuttgart to Amsterdam with my bike. There is a little box to click if you want to travel with your bicycle. Great. Now…

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