On the Road from Kampot to the Beach

Every country in South East Asia has some different kind of transportation. Sure there are motorbikes, cars, vans or busses. But than you have the Tuk Tuk in Thailand which you will not find in Cambodia for example. They have a similar motorbike for passenger transportation construction but it is different.On the highway i was really surprised how they use the cars and vans now to transport load and passengers.Here are a few Pictures Getting to my van was not so easy since it…

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More Wheels of Kampot, Cambodia

Part 2 of the pictures from the sidewalk mini series If your feet can reach the ground you are old enough to drive This is almost maximised - but the woman on the back could hold a baby - than we where really full! She had to turn left - so she stopped. I like the matching dress - yellow and black. The eye catcher? The bunny slippers! Over here he could sell his bike and get 2 new bikes for it Shop on…

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The Wheels of Kampot

Well not everything with wheels but i took a few pictures of the locals on their bikes. And even one car!I can drive blind! Nice to chat to your friend on the way - you can not do that in 2 cars Not to many of them on the street anymore And why no race down to the salt miners Back from shopping Concentration and 2 fingers on the brake - that is how i do it too! Envoirement friendly transport The Cambodian version…

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