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Quick Update from the Road

The night bus from Chiang Mai did bring me save and sound all the way to Bangkoks Mo Chit 2 Terminal. Got there at 5:30 in the morning. The bus to Phnom Phen did leave at 8:30 – why oh why so late? Since i am here i would be nice to go at 6 in the morning!
I had a reservation at the Capitol GH for a room so whatever – lets wait and see.
The bus was not the newest but we where only 14 passenger so most of us had 2 seats. Nice!
Border crossing was very easy but took over one hour as they only have 4 immigration officers working on the Cambodian site. And i was complaining about Thai immigration and the 6 people that worked there!
We did arrive in Phnom Phen at 22:40 and than the usual bull shit with the taxi drivers started. It should be something like 1 US $ but of course they do start with 6 and than go down to 4. So i ask the next and he tells me 5. Fuck that shit. I started to walk and after one minute i did approach another one and there was the motorbike taxi driver that said 2 $. Thank you Sir – off we went and the city was almost dead. Not a lot of traffic and almost everything was closed. Strange for a capital but hey – it was Sunday night. Than the idiots at Capitol told me since i did not tell them when i arrive they gave my room away! I did send them a email from the Thai border that i am at the border in the bus from Bangkok – since they do operate a bus fleet as well as the hotel one would expect that they do the math since i have no clue how long the trip takes. Nope – of course not. Took another 10 minutes and i had another room – a bit more expensive: 10US $ with toilet/shower and AC. Than i did send the hotel guy to get beer and he got me 3 warm bottles – sure they did not have ice. Well i had the 3 warm beers a shower and did sleep. Next day i was off with the 13:00 bus toward Kampot. Have a nice room with a big bed, shower and toilet and a fan, table and chair for 6US $. Food is really not as good as in Thailand and i did try a few different places so far. The beer is drinkable and a little bit cheaper than in Thailand. If you make use of the Happy Hour it is much cheaper to drink here.
The last few days i did do not to much. Did meet with Maya and her mother. Did a sun set cruise and walked a bit the streets of Kampot.
Tomorrow we leave for Sihanoukville which suits me fine as i can visit Terry there. Guess at the 16th i start towards Thailand – want to make it to Trat that day. And than back to Bangkok at the 17th. That would leave me enough time for shopping and to meet with another friend that is on the way up from Singapore. Actually she and her friend did surf my couch last year. Small world! I might start the trip one day later – lets see how i like S’ville.