Just another Day in Bangkok

Yesterday i had my day off. Time to sleep and organize stuff. Well it did not really go as planned. I had dinner the night before with Eli and Ivan and went to bed quite early – a bit before 12 in the night. Did sleep fine till 1.20 and than – could not get back to sleep till after 5 in the morning.

So that did not work

Great start in the day – well the actual start was more like 11 something as i got back to sleep at 8.30.
Not so much time left to do things. So had my breakfast in the small park and went back to the computer. Before you know it is dark and time for dinner. A short shower later i was on the way. Wanted to try the street stall opposite from the Gecko Bar on Soi Rambuttri. A lot of different food but the quality went down a notch. Had green curry with rice, fried watercress and a coconut. The coconut was the best – scooping out the sweet soft flesh after drinking the cold juice. I could have many of them every day.
Walked back and had a look at the music festival in the park.

Blind Music Festival Bangkok

Than off to watch a lecture on YouTube.
Did go to the small shop next to my guest house and the old old woman got somebody from the street to tell me to be careful with the ceiling fan as i am so tall. Than she handed me the change and waved me off with a “good luck” and a smile.
Where else in the world would they be so nice – you gotta love them small shops with them old people behind the counter.

The End of the Day?

Sitting with my cold Leo – happy about the old woman i did watch this interesting piece of lecture:

And of course at a few minutes before 11 there was noise at the gate of the Guest House. A Russian girl arrived and at that time of the night there is nobody here to give her a room. Well i took her bags in my room and we went to search for a room.
She wanted to spend not more than 4.50€ – I can do that. Turned out she arrived at the old airport and had an morning flight from the new airport. Stupid girl did spend that much on the taxi and wanted another taxi for the next day – so together she could get a cheaper nice room next to the airport without a big problem.
She said she knows the Riverline and they had cheap rooms. Err – i do not think so but we went there and the cheapest was 420 Bath. Ok – i took over and we went to the Lady Boy place round the corner but it was full. Next door there was still light at the Korean place – boom 160 Bath – 3,65€ Good.
Happy to fill my Karma account i went to the little Chinese shop for another 2 Leo and back for the rest of the lecture.
Than i could even sleep till 7 something – more Russians mad a lot of noise in the Guest House – did some emails and stuff. Than i was still tired – did wake up after 11 – again!
So that did not work so far…

New Broom
New Delivery

Went again to the Santichai Prakan Park for breakfast.

Fried Rice with Vegetables
Fried Rice with Vegetables

This plate was really good. The bamboo shoots give it a unique flavor and i could have a few of them – but i have to watch my weight after all. Philippine beaches are not to long away. So a ice coffee from a old lady on the way, the rice and a mixed fruit shake together was 2€ – what else can you ask for?

Thai Food Guide

If you like Thai food and just want to read it or better come to Thailand or you are in Thailand. There is a guy that put together a eBook about Thai Food. It comes as a pdf so you can put it on your tablet or smart phone!
All food names are written in English, easy phonetic pronunciation, and Thai script and it also include the ingredients, average Thai price, and a few notes.
So you can show that to your cook and will have a blast!!
The best part: It is only 7 US$! You can not beat that. Take a look at the Thai Food Guide

I got my Vegetarian Edition of the Thai Food Guide yesterday – it is even cheaper!!
If you get the guide over this link you will help me with my next meal as well and i shall toast to you with the next ice cold LEO!!

Author: Marc Hastenteufel

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