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Hello from Chaing Mai

Did arrive yesterday in Chiang Mai. Jiang has a house here now and i have a VIP room – very cool.
But lets go back to Bangkok. After Eli and Ivan left for Nakhon Sawan i had one day to do nothing and that is what i did.
The usual snack at the park. A fruit shake for sun set.


And than it was time for dinner. I walked down Soi Rambutrie and passed the Magic Place Restaurant – last year i did meet Jeli here while walking past the place. So i decided to have dinner here since this is a good place anyhow. The boss if a happy man that does some magic tricks for the guests. That is why it is called the Magic Place. I noticed a big group of people on the left but only when i did pay my food i saw Jeli!

What a coincidende – Jeli again and at the same place!

Last time he came from Myanmar with his group and was on the way to the South for some diving. This time he was on the way to Myanmar with his group. There is no day when you do not run into someone that you know here in Bangkok!

Next Morning: Breakfast at the little Vegetarian restaurant next to the klong

Vegetariand Thai Food

Bangkok Klong
What a nice day! It did cool down in the night and there was some wind. Blue sky and a pleasant 21 in the morning.

Went home, did pack the bag and took a taxi to the “Chatuchak”-Station or you can call it “Mo-Chit-2”³ or “Northern Bus-Terminal”. Same Same!! I had to wait 2 hours for Scott there to meet him before i did leave for the north.

Scott BKK
Finally Scott and Tailek did arrive

We had lunch together and talked a bit – than it was time to get onto the bus to Nakhon Savan to meet Eli & Ivan again.

Nakhon Sawan

They got me from the bus station and we went to the hotel which is opposit of the bus station. Very convenient!

Dinner Nakhon Sawan
Eli did invite me and gave me this nice room!

Room Nakhon Sawan
Ivan did pay for the bath romm – lucky me!!

After the Diner we went to the room for a few beers and talked a bit. Only a few minutes to midnight so Ivan did play some musik for Eli

Than a last sip – Ivan’s favourite: Underberg

Underberg Nakhon Sawan