‎⁨Annapolis Royal⁩
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Nova Scotia Circle 4 – From New Minas to ‎⁨Annapolis Royal⁩

Back window of a car
Good morning sunshine! Time to get up and look for a coffee somewhere in ‎⁨New Minas
Canada Creek Road
On the Canada Creek Road
Beach at Waterville⁩ looking out onto the Gulf of Maine
Black Rock Lighthouse
The Black Rock Lighthouse
It looks like low tide right now…
Tiny House
Tiny House at the Black Rock Road in Black Rock
Tiny Yelloe House
Nice view of the Minas Channel from the garden
Looking out onto the Gulf of Maine
Gravel Beach
A break from all that red mud of yesterday


Harbor in Harbourville
Low tide at the harbor in Harbourville
Harbourville Harbor
You can imagine how high the tide must be to get the boat afloat
House on Blocks
Preparing for the rising sea level
Farmer Market
Farmers Market at Longpoint Road


French Cross
It reads: French Cross: Tradition has it that on this site Acadians from Belle Island wintered in 1755-56. In the spring of 1755 Pierre Melanson with an Indian boy crossed the bay for aid. On his return he died.
Here you can sit and think about the Acadians and the man that went for aid with the Indian boy.
View from the French Cross Road outside Morden
Sweet spot for a bath. The Kirk Brook was a bit cold but free!
French Cross Road
I continued on the French Cross Road. This SUV was never happier. Gravel road for hours.

Port-Royal National Historic Site

‎⁨Port-Royal National Historic Site⁩
‎⁨Port-Royal National Historic Site⁩
‎⁨Port-Royal National Historic Site⁩
The Habitation, one of the earliest European settlements in North America where Samuel de Champlain lived in 1605, is reconstructed in Port-Royal.
‎⁨Port-Royal National Historic Site⁩
I guess this was a fortress 400 years ago. Now it would not be so safe.
Old car
A real car: Armstrong Siddeley
Armstrong Siddeley
Armstrong Siddeley – never heard from them until now!
Sphinx symbol of silence
Sphinx, symbol of silence
Brooklyn Street
On the Brooklyn Street outside of Kingston

North Hills Museum

Nova Scotia Circle 4 – From New Minas to ‎⁨Annapolis Royal⁩ 1

The exterior of this tiny farmhouse, built in the 1760s, looks like a typical country residence, but inside it features a collection of great art and furnishings that create an impression of Georgian grandeur.

Robert Patterson purchased North Hills in 1964 and transformed it into a showcase for his outstanding collection of antiques. They included English china, oak, mahogany, and walnut furniture.

Patterson became a popular and valued member of the community through his efforts to form a local restoration group, and he was an early member of the Nova Scotia Heritage Trust.

Living Room
Living Room
Living Room
Notice the Mahjong game! Art and furniture from all over the world.
Eating Room
Nice china
Books and a mysterious door
One of the sleeping rooms
One of the bed rooms
Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Nice wallpaper as well
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

‎⁨Annapolis Royal⁩

Time for a salad
Salad at Annapolis River
Lunch at the Annapolis River
Annapolis River
Annapolis River
Annapolis Brewing Company
The Annapolis Brewing Company in St. Georges Street
Round corner house
Round corner house at St George Street and Victoria Street
Red house
I like the color of the houses here

Fort Anne

Fort Anne (formerly known as the Scottish Charles Fort) is a four-bastion fort designed to guard Annapolis Royal harbor. During the early phases of King George’s War, the fort resisted all French attacks.

Fort Anne
Fort Anne
Fort Anne
Fort Anne
Cannon on the hill
Steur de Monts
Steur de Monts
The graveyard of the Fort
Bridge over the Alleins River
Bridge over the Alleins River

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