The Netherlands early Summer 2017 – Part 1

If you want to go to from Stuttgart to Amsterdam to Stuttgart and you do not want to spend more than 100€ you have a few options. Hitch Hike: Free but one can not be sure to arrive at the same day Ride sharing: Quite fast but you need somebody that goes both ways at the day you want to travel The bus: Easy since you do not have to change from Stuttgart to Amsterdam. Not a lot of space The train: You have…

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Last days in Amsterdam

A week is short and I only had 3 more days to go. More walking in Amsterdam. More meeting the guys down town and more camping. The Citroen DS Car Collector Next to the camp ground was a big old car collection. Most of the cars had no roof to park under and where exposed to the elements. Very sad to see them like this. Some where lucky and had at last a roof to park under or even a shed. The guy really…

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Walking down Nieuwendammerdijk in Amsterdam

Nieuwendammerdijk is a dyke or dam in the Northern IJdijk between Buiksloot and Schellingwoude. On my way from the camp ground to Amsterdam down town I crossed it to get to the ferry. Nieuwendam founded in 1514 after one of the dykes broke. At the time the dyke lay between the IJ river and fields. Most of the people here where fisherman, traders, shipbuilder and ferryman. It was an important loading port for the goods from the farms way back in the hinterland. The…

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