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To Manang and further to Tilicho Base Camp – Side Trip on the Annapurna Trek

The days get longer from today on – well lets see – I should get my Indian visa in a few hours so looks like moving to Buddha’s birthplace tomorrow. And than India here I am again. From there on even my days will be WARMER!! That is what counts. Lunar Eclipse + Winter Solstice…

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From Upper Pisang to Ghyaru on the Annapurna Trek II – Big Birds

There are a few places where the big birds roam. Of course they fly in from nowhere – and you have the camera somewhere. So out with the camera and on with the zoom lens. Great – now they are so far away that after 10 minutes you remove the zoom and get the 17-50…

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Up towards Upper Pisang – Another Day at the Annapurna Trek

Usually when you leave (or enter) a village they have the Mani Walls, and than a sort of gate tower – usually with prayer wheels. Mani Walls are a compilation of nice carved stone tablets, most with the inscription “Om Mani Padme Hum” which loosely translates to “Hail to the jewel in the lotus”. I…