Mini Review of Bangkok Bus Lines from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Mini review of Bangkok Bus Lines down from Chiang Mai to Bangkok Mo Chit 2 or the Northeastern Bus Terminal

I booked this trip online for 759 Bath at the end of February 2016. The ticket includes a voucher for food at the stop about halfway of the trip.
You find a few pictures of the food below. The bus leaves Chiang Mai at 20:30 and was in Bangkok at 6 in the morning.
Most passengers got off at the Bangkok Bus Lines office but the bus continues to Mo Chit since that is what you paid for! They might tell you that it does not so you have to insist on it.

How to get a Ticket for Bangkok Bus Lines

They have a counter at the bus station in Chiang Mai if you want to get your ticket there. You can come to the station a few hours before to get it. This usually works off-season – if you want to travel in high season you better get a ticket in advance.
I usually book with From Chiang Mai Bus Terminal to Bangkok Mo Chit Bus Terminal
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The same goes for the bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. You can get a ticket at Mo Chit Bus Terminal. Sometimes it is also called Northern Bus station or Chatuchak Bus station or Terminal. Quite confusing.

The Bangkok Bus Lines Bus

Bangkok Bus Lines
This is a 32 seat bus with a 1 – 2 configuration. 1 seat on one side of the bus and a double seat on the other. Since there are only 3 seats in a row you have more space. The seats are wider and there are fewer seats in the bus. If you want to sit together with your friend or sit alone you better book online a few days before. This way you can choose your seat.
The toilet is in the back of the bus. So you want to sit in the front or middle of the bus. The toilet door makes some noise. And it might smell from time to time. But this is the same with all the busses that come with a toilet in Asia.

Bangkok Bus Lines seat
The seats do recline quite a bit and have a nice footrest. The footrest is only useful when you are not too tall. If you over 190 cm you might look for a 24 seat VIP bus to use the footrest. I am 203 cm and had no problem in this bus apart from the footrest that I can not use.
You get a blanket and a travel pillow that goes around your neck. Never had one of those on a bus. They are better than a pillow alone but I am not sure if they wash them all the time so I did not use it.

Entertainment System

Bangkok Bus Lines entertainment system
Great entertainment system. You can even charge your USB device. Lots of movies to choose from. Even a few in English. The headphone is from the bus as well but you can use your personal one if you like.

Free Snacks

Bangkok Bus Lines stewardess
The stewardess – she hands out the snacks

Bangkok Bus Lines food
You get a small bottle of water and this box – I only eat the chips. The rest I gave to a guy that sleeps on the streets in Bangkok after we arrived. He looked happy.

Bangkok Bus Lines
Than you get tea and soy milk and another strange thing that went to the guy on the streets of Bangkok as well

Free Midnight Dinner

Bangkok Bus Lines snack stop
Since that is a VIP bus you can eat in the VIP dining area of the food stop midway to Bangkok or Chiang Mai if you go the other direction. That means more options and buffet – you can eat as much as you like. Usually, the vast majority of the buses stop at a rest stop where you have a very limited option of meals. In any case, keep your ticket – it has the voucher for the food on it.

Bangkok Bus Lines
There was even some for me – vegetarian food that is!

Here are the buses 12go sells online. Be aware that there are other bus companies as well that do not sell online tickets. If you need to go to Bangkok from Chiang Mai or Chiang Mai from Bangkok you will find a bus easy if it is not high season. It might not be a VIP bus but you should get to Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Bus Chiang Mai - Bangkok $ 16.82–27.96 10h – 10h 55m
  •   Express 08:30, 10:00, 18:35, 20:00
  •   VIP27 20:30, 21:50
  •   VIP31 19:45, 21:00
  •   VIP 19:15, 19:30, 20:00
  •   VIP24 20:00
  •   Express 06:00, 06:30, 09:15, 16:00, 18:50, 19:00, 20:35, 21:00
  •   VIP31 19:00, 21:10
  •   VIP20 21:19
  •   VIP 15:00, 16:00, 20:02, 20:15, 20:20, 20:40
  •   VIP24 20:00, 20:20, 20:30

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Update from Chiang Mai and a few more Pictures from Pai

I am back in Chiang Mai since last night. Had another great time in Pai and i am kind of sad to leave so many friends behind. But i will see some of them in summer and some next winter. That should help to get me going.
Did meet Johnny Vagabond last night for a beer. Now i know one of the Travel Bloggers out there.
Right now i sit in Jiangs living room in Chiang Mai. It is in a quite neighborhood so the only thing you hear is the Haier fridge and some birds in the garden. From time to time a motor bike in the small soi. Will stay here till 17.00 and than move to the bus station. Have a VIP to Bangkok this night and should be there at 5.30 in the morning. Hope to catch another bus to Phnom Penh from there a few hours later. My Thai visa expires tomorrow so i need to leave. The plan is one night Phnom Penh and than down to Kampet to visit Maya.
Will not have to much time as my flight to the Phillipines leaves at the 20th of February from Bangkok. And i need at last one day to get some shopping done in China Town and Pratunam. I hope the protests will cool down a bit and they do not block the airport again like they did last time.

Live of Pai
These birds come all the time and check on you – they even come into the bungalow

Live of Pai
Ita is confused – What?

Live of Pai
Movie afternoon with cats

Live of Pai
Which i later managed to get to the hammock

Live of Pai
Jean does operate a fruit – concentration is king

Live of Pai

Live of Pai
A few pictures from Ita in the Sun – find the rest of them here!

Live of Pai

Live of Pai

Live of Pai
Another sun set from my bungalow.

Live of Pai
Fabri does enjoy the sun set as well

Live of Pai
Mini photo shooting with the twins from Twin Hut

Live of Pai

Live of Pai

Live of Pai

Live of Pai
Concert at Silhouette in Pai

From Nakhon Sawan to Chiang Mai

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel

Birthday Eli
Meet the queen of Norway

Than we did walk a bit in the park in Nakhon Sawan and had lunch at a small place.

Bird House
Coconut shell as bird house – good idea!

In the evening we had Eli’s birthday dinner in the hotel.

Dinner Nakhon Sawan

Poor band – they did play the whole evening and we where the only guys in the place.

Band Nakhon Sawan

After dinner we got a bottle of 100 Piper and some ice – off to the room we went.

Next morning after breakfast Eli & Ivan walked me to the bus station and waved me off.

Eli & Ivan

Chiang Mai

Had a 1st class bus to Chiang Mai and it was half empty – good for me as i had 2 seats. Not sure what is better – the night bus or the day bus. I think now the day bus as you see a bit more and only one day is fucked up. When you take the night bus and can not sleep than the night and the next day are fucked up.
Mr. 譚翼翔 and his friend Mr. Faruk did pick me up from the Suan Prung Gate in Chiang Mai and walked me to Jiang’s house. There where a lot of friend sitting in the living room and i went for dinner with a few of them.

Dinner CHX

Dinner CHX

Dinner CHX

Dinner CHX
Funny seating arrangement but it does work

On the way back to the house i got a few bottles of LEO and talked to the guys a bit. An no way – what a small world!

New friends CHX

The guy was the night time manager and the girl the day time manager of the Crazy Monkey in Dhali. I was drinking in that place when i visited Monika and Alex a few years ago. And sure enough they where friends as well. How many times did that happen to me now – I still love it 🙂

Room CHX

My wonderful room – thank you a lot Jiang!!