4 Days in the US – Day 1 From Chicago to Fitchburg⁩

Another Long Man mission. Fly to Chicago and deliver some parts - have a few free days to explore - fly back. I like those kind of missions. Got a car for 4 days and booked a few nice hotels. Spring was late this year so it was not as green as I hoped for but it was a free trip so why complain?? First stop ‎⁨Fitchburg⁩, ⁨Wisconsin⁩ via Frankfurt and Chicago. Stuttgart Airport - even a decent time of the day. Usually when…

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From Stuttgart to Frankfurt to Bangkok

The last gray and cold day of 2015 in the afternoon I boarded an ICE to Frankfurt main station. There the tram to Römer and from there it is only a few more steps to Alexandra's place. We did spend the last evening with food and wine. Walked down to the Main river a few minutes before midnight to see some fireworks. It was really foggy and loads of drunk people letting off loads of firework. Really nothing I did miss the last 20…

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