Two Weeks at Lake Constance Part 1

My original travel arrangements did not work out so I asked Anja if she could give me shelter for the first two weeks of August. She has her place inside the old part of Konstanz "at the lake" as we like to call Lake Constance. Got a confirmation a few minutes later and booked my Flixbus ticket. Monday morning I took the bike to the airport to catch the bus. Took the bike with me this time - proofed to be a pain in…

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4 Days in the US – Day 1 From Chicago to Fitchburg⁩

Another Long Man mission. Fly to Chicago and deliver some parts - have a few free days to explore - fly back. I like those kind of missions. Got a car for 4 days and booked a few nice hotels. Spring was late this year so it was not as green as I hoped for but it was a free trip so why complain?? First stop ‎⁨Fitchburg⁩, ⁨Wisconsin⁩ via Frankfurt and Chicago. Stuttgart Airport - even a decent time of the day. Usually when…

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A weekend in Oberstdorf

Mountains - mountains in fall! Steiner called for a weekend in Oberstdorf to walk and talk and have some beers in the evening. The forecast was looking good so Friday noon we hit the Autobahn and went over the Alb to the Alps! Arrived in the early afternoon so we walked a bit. Traditional house at Haldenweg in Oberstdorf. On the way to Moorweiher we passed Jesus - looks like he is enjoying the fall sun as well. Scared duck - did not expect…

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