Summer Trip 2015 – Part 4 – Vienna

Nice - apart from the poor horses - why can these losers not take a bicycle? Weeee! A castle! I wonder if that was a window as well on the left? I a bird save environment - things happen! Now this one really tells you the time - and it moves as well. Super cool thing from the past. And here we have Gutenberg in front of another really nice house. Detail of the house above Guess this one is on a million pictures.…

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Summer Trip 2015 – Part 3 – Vienna

Poor hungry beast - bites stone now for the rest of time. Human and cow sculls - interesting combination. I wonder why they do not put a horse up there - why the cow? And that is the back - or the front of it all - depends from where you come. And since we only had a few hours this time i can not show you more of that really nice place! But i have some more pictures in this old blog post!…

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Summer Trip 2015 – Part 2 – Vienna

The second part of the Summertrip 2015 pictures. Still in Vienna - still showing Grobi a bit of the city. I want to move into the left house. Not sure why but somehow.... Next stop: Hofburg. There is a little church and it is there when all the trouble with them stone guys starts. Here we see an angel killing another angel. The fallen one? And another angel explains all that violence to a child that does not really give a shit. Or what…

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