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How I spend the last Day in Pai

I am in Viang Vieng now and it is really humid and hot. Not sure if that is only haze or it is misty on top of it. Guess it is the smoke. Since I have to stay at last 6 more days here in Laos I will stay a few more here. After it is down to Vientiane and back to Thailand for the last 4 weeks. Here are the pictures from the last 2-3 days. Pai – I miss you already :-)

Fire back Home
Nothing better than grab two cold beer and head home for a nice quite fire under the stars.

Junk Label
Junk Label??

Gerben at Sapah Muang
Gerben at Sapah Muang

Khao Soi at Sapah Muang
Khao Soi at Sapah Muang – what else??

Girls did like my shirt
The girls did like my shirt – I think…

And yes it was the red one...
And yes it was the red one…

Dee & Gerben
Dee & Gerben after their last lunch in Pai. Ready to hit the road towards Chiang Mai

Restaurant cat
Restaurant cat – stay out of trouble – see you next year!

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