Last days in Amsterdam

2016-08-21 at 17:57

A week is short and I only had 3 more days to go. More walking in Amsterdam. More meeting the guys down town and more camping.

The Citroen DS Car Collector

Next to the camp ground was a big old car collection. Most of the cars had no roof to park under and where exposed to the elements. Very sad to see them like this. Some where lucky and had at last a roof to park under or even a shed. The guy really was in love with the Citroen DS and had quite a lot of them. Who know how many more he stores in the sheds and barns on his land.

3 Station Citroen ds
3 Station Citroen DS

2 more Citroen ds
2 more Citroen DSs

3 Citroen DS waiting to see better days
3 Citroen DS waiting to see better days

But there where other cars and trucks as well:

Two Hanomag Kurier
Two Hanomag Kurier

A small Mercedes-Benz Bus
A small Mercedes Benz Bus

Mercedes Bus
There was a VW Bus as well but too much trash in front of it for a picture. A great place for vintage car lovers to spend a few hours and admire the old beauties.
The man has a blog with some of his cars as well: Use the navigation under Rollend Schroot to see the vehicles.

Back to the City

On the way to the city
On the way to the city I did walk along a bike path and this nice blue water. Next on a dike along a golf course and into the city. Small houses close to the water and next: Nieuwendammerdijk (see this post: )

Stretch 2CV
Did pass this Stretch 2CV because I decided to take another ferry today and not end up at the train station but over to Java Island and walk from there.

Stretch 2CV

Ferry in Amsterdam
One of the free ferries that took me to Amsterdam after my walk at the Nieuwendammerdijk

Ferry in Amsterdam

Wind mill in Amsterdam
Nice wind mill in the city

Cruise Boat in Amsterdam
Seems to be the thing to do in Amsterdam. Get a few friends together, some booze and go cruise the channels

Hungry Dee
Hungry Dee

Thirsty Jouke
Thirsty Jouke

Our caravan and a few more tentsThe last morning – Dutch weather again! Our caravan and a few more tents

Tippie and Trailer on the camp ground
Tippie and Trailer on the camp ground

Back to Stuttgart

Due to the incompetence of Deutsche Bahn (see this post) I had 5 trains to go and it would be a very long day on the rails. But sometimes I am lucky – and I was today 🙂

1st Train
Gerben did give me a lift to the train station. Got some food and coffee and boarded the 1st train today. It was full but I had a good seat next to the door and enough space.

2nd Train
Second train – very plastic like but ok – and free wifi!!

3rd TrainThe good thing – it did not rain since the train to Germany stops all the way at the end of the track. And there is no roof and no seating. So we did board and the train left in time. But it did stop after 4 minutes – another train with a broken engine did block the train station. So after 30 minutes we did roll back into the station. After another 30 minutes the Dutch cleared the rails and we where moving again. But now I could not make my other 2 trains to Stuttgart.
So in Düsseldorf I went to search the office to sort that out. It was some sort of Japanese festival and the train station was full of cosplayers or whatever you call them. Full Japanese Carnival. Well the friendly woman in the office did stamp my ticket and I could take the ICE to Stuttgart. Great news – 25 minutes to wait and 75 minutes early in Stuttgart.

German ICE Train
The good old ICE on its way down south to Stuttgart

Walking down Nieuwendammerdijk in Amsterdam

2016-08-19 at 14:30

Nieuwendammerdijk is a dyke or dam in the Northern IJdijk between Buiksloot and Schellingwoude. On my way from the camp ground to Amsterdam down town I crossed it to get to the ferry. Nieuwendam founded in 1514 after one of the dykes broke. At the time the dyke lay between the IJ river and fields. Most of the people here where fisherman, traders, shipbuilder and ferryman. It was an important loading port for the goods from the farms way back in the hinterland.
The sluice of Nieuwendammerdijk is one of the most important parts of the village. Since all the good on boats from the farmland behind had to come here to get further onto other ships. The small boats docked in the harbour and the goods where loaded on bigger boats or distributed to Amsterdam.
The grain and peat trade started about 1450 when the first ships sailed from here.
On old paintings you can see many mills as well. Saw-, Wood- and Corn-mills.

From 1568 after the “Eighty Years War” more and more people did find work in the fast growing city of Amsterdam. Many ships where waiting in the harbour of the dyke village for good winds or load. This way they could avoid the higher port charges in Amsterdam. That did open another source of income. Shipbuilding and repairs.
Most of the old houses are made out of wood not stone. This way they are light and do not damage the dyke.

A lot of captains did build their homes there for their retirement. At the time they had a wonderful view over the IJ River and the boats coming and going. You still can tell the wealth from the beautiful facades of these houses.
At the big flood of 1916 a large part of Nieuwendam was under water. More and more the city did depend on Amsterdam. In 1921 it became a part of it. In the following years new development swallowed most of the village.

Old wood house on the Nieuwendammerdijk

Detail of a house on the Nieuwendammerdijk
Detail of a house on the Nieuwendammerdijk

White wood house
This one with white paint

Nieuwendammerdijk in Amsterdam
In the back you can see the “Café ‘t Sluisje” next to the sluice

Sluice at Nieuwendammerdijk
The sluice looking towards the hinterland away from Amsterdam

Seating area of the village pub
Seating area of the village pub “Café ‘t Sluisje” next to the sluice. The pub house was built in 1565. There is a yacht harbour now in front of it with some new houses as well.

Dutch House
The Dutch are really different from the Germans. In Germany most of the people do not want you to look into their homes. Here most of the people do not care. This way you can even see the garden behind the house.

Village Pub
One of the two pubs in the street

Old wood house

No. 161

Even if you do not have a garden – some flowers must be possible

Tree construction
They do love their trees!

Random Art
Art in front of a house

Looking down the street
Looking down the street. You can see that some house have a stone wall at the front but wood on the side to keep the house light.

Butcher Shop
Must have been the butchers…


Augustinuskerk or St. Augustinus church
Of course the village had a church as well: Augustinuskerk or St. Augustinus church. There was an older church on the same ground. Build in 1798. In 1882 construction of the new and bigger church started. It was finished in 1889.

The tower of Augustinuskerk
The tower of Augustinuskerk

One of the old original houses next to a newer and bigger one

End of the street
Almost over – 2 more minutes and you would be back at the big street again

Walking in Amsterdam

2016-08-06 at 11:53

The best way to explore a city is walking the streets. This way you will see the most and have time to soak it all up. So lets walk a bit 🙂

Globe in a Window
Took this picture in 2011 – walked the street again and it still looks the same – almost
Globe in a Window
Guess they do clean the window from time to time so they rearrange the display

House in Amsterdam
One smaller than the other

He waits for food – looks like he waits for the next hanging

The loooongest market in Amsterdam

The shop at the market – and a happy Gerben

No leaves on the right but lots of house boats on both sides

Had a 0% Radler with my humus bread – works 🙂

Nice garden

Since there is no space on the side – why not have your herbs on the roof??

Compared to the other ones this looks quite boring but has the most space

Just like Venice




The bridge closed

They do not look like they still work but they do! And you think this large boats can never make it in the small channels but it is amazing to see how they corner

No flowers and nothing


Since they do not know how to ride them in Amsterdam

The old man  and the ocean

Cows and a few Pictures of Amsterdam

2016-08-04 at 15:12

Today Gerben took us to see some of the reclaimed land. The Dutch water management is like no other on the planet. There are pumps everywhere and water as well. Often you have on one site of the street water a metre below and on the other only a few centimetres from street level. Half of the Netherlands is reclaimed land that is only about one meter above sea level and is protected by dikes.
We did stop and had a snack next to these cows. And when one comes over the rest will usually follow since we where a nice distraction from the boring day in the field.

Dutch Cow

Dutch Cow

Dutch Cow

Dutch Cow

Dutch Cow

Dutch Cow

Pump House
This is one of the many pumps all over the place.

Dutch Cow
Water on the right

Dutch Cow
Water on the left

Dutch Cow
And more water

Amsterdam again

Boat Hotel
They did upgrade the hotel with big red letters. They do have windows but I think you can not stay in them. Would be cool.

Dutch Cow

Dutch Cow
Did cut the 4 figures so you can see them better. Interesting!

Dutch Cow
The rest of the house is as well

Amsterdam house detail

A big church


Amsterdam Town House

Red Bike
You better look your bike

Amsterdam Bridge


Amsterdam The Night Watch
The famous Night Watch from Rembrandt

Amsterdam Secret Garden
The biggest private garden in Amsterdam that I could find

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