Update from Varanasi

After visiting Buddha's birthplace in Lumbini and a nice x-mas dinner with friends from France, Thailand and Dutchland it was time to move on. Together with Mélanie it was a taxi that shipped us to the border. Out of Nepal was very easy. Than you walk to the Indian border. But where can we check in?? So you ask here and they send you there and you walk further into India. Welcome back! Than we did almost miss the little hut where 6 or…

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Update from Pokhara

Well - i get nothing done over here! 1st i did run into Sato and Craig that i did meet last August in Risikesh, than the 2 French guy from the trek, than Max, Chris and Eli from the treck, than Emilia from Argentina - did meet her at the Langtang treck. Yesterday David did arrive at the hotel. Last time we saw the total eclipse in China together. Than i did see the Dutch girl form the last trek. So ppl come to…

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