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Update from Pokhara

Well – i get nothing done over here!
1st i did run into Sato and Craig that i did meet last August in Risikesh, than the 2 French guy from the trek, than Max, Chris and Eli from the treck, than Emilia from Argentina – did meet her at the Langtang treck. Yesterday David did arrive at the hotel. Last time we saw the total eclipse in China together. Than i did see the Dutch girl form the last trek. So ppl come to my balcony for tea, coffee or whiskey and a chat, we go for breakfast, dinner or a walk.
Which is great but time does zooooom – lets see when i make it down to Kathmandiu.

Looks like i have to go there 1st – sort out the Indian visa. Than towards the east to the National Park – see some big animals if possible and than to Buddha’s birthplace.
From there over the border and towards Varanasi.

Anybody in the neighbourhood??


  1. Jose! this is quite true – could be that a lot of ppl i know cruise the same places? or it is ment to beeeeeeee!!!!

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