Update from Kathmandu

What is going on - i can tell you! Went to the Indian embassy a few days ago. Need a new visa as the old one was only double entry. Have to go back at the 22nd - hope i get it than. If they do not give me one i shall get a flight to Thailand - or?? the Philippines?? Lets see! Rita from Budapest is coming today - last time we had a beer together was in Bagan, Myanmar in December 2009…

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Update from Pokhara

Well - i get nothing done over here! 1st i did run into Sato and Craig that i did meet last August in Risikesh, than the 2 French guy from the trek, than Max, Chris and Eli from the treck, than Emilia from Argentina - did meet her at the Langtang treck. Yesterday David did arrive at the hotel. Last time we saw the total eclipse in China together. Than i did see the Dutch girl form the last trek. So ppl come to…

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