Pix from the 1st Day in Kathmandu

Sharee took us to the “Monkey Temple” – a nice place on a hill.


Of course there are monkeys








Old dogs


Old monks


Young monks


A view of Kathmandu as well


Small dogs


Prayer flags and stupas


Beeer!!! great!


Regular dogs


and bored monkey mamas.

Not bad for the 1st day. I stay on Freak Street – no more freaks as far as i can see. This place has changed a lot. Today we went for the trekking permits for Langtang. 1st you need a pass for 16€ and than the permit is another 11€. Next we got bus tickets to get close to the mountain. 2.80 – that is cheap for a 10 hour ride. So now it is pack the bag and get to bed early. Talking about early – the hotel doors close at 20.00!! At 23.00 most of the bars close and at 24.00 you are more or less alone on the street. Strange!

Marc Hastenteufel

I like to travel and i like to snap pictures! My mother got me a Eurorail ticket when i was 15 and together with 2 friends we adventured into France. This was the beginning of a new addiction. I do like to take pictures so one thing leads to another and on this site i want to share some of my pictures and some of my trips with you! Now i am on the road for more than 6 months every year. Visiting old friends and making new friends while exploring this big blue ball.

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  1. jose figo

    nice work brother as you are used to do…keep going and shooting…a big hug so big as you,jose.

  2. Gabriel

    Nice ! i like and this is just the first day :-) can’t wait to see the next days.

  3. Daniela Peters

    sooooooooo schöööööööööööön!!! mein herz geht auf…

  4. Suzie


    So, how was the beer? :-)

  5. Jordan


  6. surfdog

    cheers guys!!!

    beer is good i have to say – big surprise!!

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