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I have my Flight for Winter 2010/2011

Will Rail & Fly to Frankfurt at the 25th of October in the morning. Than take a Air India Jet to New Delhi – getting there the same day. If – IF! – the new metro is ready i shall metro into the center – other than that i guess i taxi and sleep one night. Than it is back to the airport and of to Kathmandu in Nepal. Sharee will pick me up and has arranged for a big party with the gang in the evening – GREAT!
Than about 2 months Nepal. Over land back to India and another 2 months India. There is a chance that i take 2 weeks off and fly to Thailand for x-mas and new year – but i am not sure yet.
Sure is my flight back – at the 1st of March i shall Rail & Fly back from Frankfurt to Stuttgart!

If you are somewhere close – lets have a brew or two!!


  1. Marc, awesome trip! Feeling magical in Pai. The first bamboo bridge is up, my way to the edge of the forest.
    Happy trails.

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