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9/11 from the US

I remember – I was in Slovakia and we sat in the kitchen – had some food and – strange – the radio was on which usually is not. So the guy said something with new york and airplane bla bla – Iveta translated. then we went to the living room switched on the tv. they have a dish so I could get the German live footage.
After a few minutes, I send Iveta to get beer for the evening – knowing that I do not want to get out today.
Told her also that this will change everything – like freedom and travel and shit.

I guess that is for our generation as for the older one the murder of Kennedy or for the Americans pearl harbor. Everybody remembers what he was doing then and where he was.

Now 5 years later early in the morning, boarding a United Airways plane, all that comes up again of course. The flight was ok (United charges now for alcoholic beverages – guess I have to switch carrier next time) and while we taxied at Chicago the purser did thank us all for flying at 9/11 and fly on a United plane. wow…

In the evening I watched the movie with Keitel – from which he now said that if he knew before he would never play in it… – anyhow. it was interrupted by Bush’s address to the nation – shit. And everything was right and the world is a safer place now!  What do you think?
After London and Madrid?


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