A Trip to the Countryside

Got some stuff for my eBay auctions from the countryside today. Borrowed the car from Iris (cheers!!!) and on the highway i went. Did try my new Kensington LiquidFM Plus (to get my iPod into the radio) did work quite well so i had MY music and not the shit they play on the german stations. On my way to the place i passed about 16 km of trucks – stau – on the other side. Sure enough on the way back i was passing them again – only much slower right next to them. This is united Europe! Trucks from Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary to name only a few. Nice to read where the companies are based and in how many of that places i was before.
Doing this one time is ok – with the music – and the car has automatic – so i do not have to fiddle with the stick all the time. but doing this every day??? Fuck me! This is crazy. As for the truck driver – shit – that must be one of the most boring things on earth.
Lets see if the global financial crisis will slow the truck traffic as well.

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