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Another Health Check Up

Dee did help me find a cheaper private clinic this time. Armed with the address in written in Thai and the menu of the day i boarded a taxi at 9 in the morning. Took almost 40 minutes to get there – to much traffic in Bangkok! Than it was a big hello at the reception but Dee did tell them that i come so they had my name written down. Did take another 15 minutes to fill out the paper work – you give the passport and they do it but than nobody really did speak english so they had to ask which country etc.

Than i got a “personal assistant” A nice thai girl with a blue uniform – she guided me all the way to the building and the different stations. This is a private thai hospital but not build for international customers – so the girl that was sitting in front of the x-ray room did most of the questions they had to know – smoker, alcohol etc. Than we did talk a while about the hungarian dog on my biz card to pass time. Sweet!
Than i had all of the checks done and the girl from the reception served lunch while my assistant got water and coffee.
Will get the results in 2 days – lets see.
Than i had to see the dentist and he was the only one that really did speak good english. I have a chipped tooth but it is to small to get fixed and he told me it really does not make sense if he starts to do there anything – so he only took the sharp edge away a bit – than he did the rest of my papers so nothing got filled out wrong – that whole dentist appointment was 5€!! and the € is only 40 Bath right now! “Our” health system would be very happy with dentists like that!

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