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Everyday is a Party in Bangkok

Look who was here for 2 nights – fresh from Pai:


It is Swiss-Chris and Nang.
Yesterday was Nang’s birthday – so we did drink a few beers at the Gecko Bar together with her friends. On my way home i did meet Timothy!!!


Will meet him again at my guesthouse tonight. Later he will play at the Jazz Place.
Tomorrow i have a plane to Kuala Lumpur. Gabriel will pick me up from the airport. Smoooooth!

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  1. Hi Marc,
    HOw are you going?

    I going well.
    But sometime i am unhappy.
    I would love to back to Thailand.

    And i am thinking of thailand very much when i see your photo.

    Here is very very hot.
    about 40-45 degree c.

    I will send you a photo of Sydney to your e-mail soon.

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