Pix Winter Travel 2008-2009 are Online

December 7, 2009 at 18:08

This took forever and a day!
Did finish the last two days in Bangkok – brave brave. Outside party, fireworks, street hawkers advertising their products, hear the woks of 3 different restaurants, tuk tuks, recycling bikes yell for stuff to recycle, drunk people discuss on the tables, girls laugh, the indian tailer greets everybody the walks by. Quite different from my usual place….

You go here: http://surfdog.de and than 2008 -> wintertravel!

I fly at the 9th of December to Myanmar – guess there is not really a lot of internet. For sure no mobile phone – so no sms please!

Happy Holidays for those of you that care – and Happy New Year for those of you that have one. I am back in the “real” world – BKK that is – at the 5th of January if nothing else happens.
And in case of another tsunami – i will be at no beach this time in Myanmar!!

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