Counting Money

6 ways to save money in the most popular travelling hotspots

Guest post by Oliver Birch
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Despite the popularity of travelling with tourists all over the world, it’s no secret that it can often be costly. With so much to spend your money on – whether necessary or not – you could often find yourself out of pocket if you’re not careful.

Thankfully, though, there are many tried-and-tested tips to prevent any overspending, making your travels more affordable. Here are just six ways to save money.

Convert your cash before you go

Counting Money
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Don’t leave changing your money up until you’re actually abroad. By exchanging your cash at home, you’ll likely be getting much better deals than you would when actually travelling, whilst also cutting out the potential for scams and loss of money at foreign exchanges.

A good idea to keep your money safe is a prepaid travel card. They work as a debit or credit card would, and allow you to store your converted cash at a locked-in exchange rate. Shop around for the best deal and you’ll have your budget sorted to be accessed on just one card – it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Haggle your way through

Be sure to use your haggling skills when travelling wherever you are in the world. Too often do tourists fall victim to extortionate prices when they don’t know any better, as local opportunists take advantage of unknowing travellers in marketplaces, taxis and even at money exchanges.

If you do find yourself in the situation where you’re faced with a startlingly high price, try your hand at haggling. Be sure to remain calm and collected during the exchange, and with negotiations you could be cutting massive amounts off the original cost to end up paying something a lot more reasonable.

Stay in hostels

At the hostel
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If you’re trying to save money, luxury accommodation perhaps isn’t the best idea. Instead, consider hostels – despite many people’s preconceptions about them, they’ve evolved into clean and comfortable options for those on a tight budget. For an affordable room, look no further.

Hostels are also a great place to make new friends, so if you’re looking for a new travel partner look no further. It’s an ideal option for the solo traveller looking to save money and meet new people at the same time.

Have a daily budget

Create a daily budget for yourself to ensure you don’t overspend and leave yourself out of pocket too early. A daily budget will allow you to set out just how much you can afford to spend on each part of your travels, from accommodation to the things such as leisure – be sure to stick to your own guidelines in order to avoid any future complications with your money.

When figuring out your daily budget, it’s crucial you think of everything you’ll likely spend money on, ensuring you have a realistic amount to stick to. Be sure to leave some spare for the unexpected fees that could arise, too – you never know when they’ll pop up.

Eat the street food

Street Food Noodles
Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

Travelling is always a good excuse to try the world’s best dishes, but you may be surprised at just how many of them are served up on the streets. Countries all over the world – particularly in Asia, though – cherish their street food, often surprisingly cheap and always delectable.

Best of all, you can quite literally grab anything from the stalls. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast in the early mornings, a quick snack whilst exploring the city or even a big, hearty dinner, street food will almost certainly have you covered.

Fly during unsociable hours

It might not sound like the most desirable way to save money, but you’ll be surprised at just how much less you’ll have to pay when flying through the night as opposed to peak times. Often costing hundreds less than the busier flights, it’s definitely worth sacrificing some sleep in order to save money – especially when travelling on a tight budget.

Flying in quieter periods is often a good idea for those travelling with a disability, too. With there being less of a rush and more room aboard the plane, you’ll be free to move around and the staff will have more time to cater to any of your needs.

Do you have any more tips for saving money whilst travelling? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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