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Back in Pai again

Looks like I am back and things are good. A bit late if you ask but what to do? A lot of friends are gone already and a lot will be come up and say Hi! Here are a few pictures so you know what happened since the last post.

Canadian visitor
Olivier from Canada visited. We did meet a loong time ago in Pai

Canadian visitor
Jim from Canada visited. We did meet face to face in Pai – this winter.

waff waff
That dog did visit us in the Blah Blah Bar – we did never meet!

100 reasons
100 reasons to get funky!

Canadian visitor
Another one – not Canadian – but Sarah does live there.

Sunset back home
Sunset at Dee & Gerben. Nice to have a beer and look out from our garden.

Vw Bulli
Does not matter where you see one Bulli – it is like you see an old friend!

Farmer Home Pool
Jean-Noel did organize a party at Farmer Home

Old Cat
Mieaw did pass away this February. That is the last picture of him. The next morning he was gone :-(

Waiting for my lunch
What better than waiting with a cold beer for your hot soup?

Visiter from Tibet
譚翼翔 was in town for a few days

Greek Motorbike Repair Shop
For a change the Greek did try to fix the Beast.

Greek Pizza Shop
Elena in the Pizza Kitchen

Greek Pizza Shop
We had loads of tasty stuff to put on the pizza’s

Firering the Pizza Oven
Fire & more fire to get the oven hot

Ready for the Pizza
Now is the time. We did put so many that in the end everybody was stuffed.

Thai Motorbike Shop
The Thai motorbike shop did try as well – somehow the Beast does what it likes…


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