The Greeks: Elena & Mitsos
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More Pictures from Pai

More Pictures from Pai with more friends coming and going. In only 9 days my visa for Thailand is finished. 2 months are gone – too fast as usual.

Garlic Harvest in Pai
The garlic fields are harvested all over the north. Last week they did start here in Pai as well.

Garlic Harvest in Pai
Everybody helps the others and if it is your field you provide the food for that day. The next day you help your friends and neighbors to harvest.

Katherine is back in Pai after a long time.

Marc was not here for 5 years. JiHa and Marcin are here every year – nice to see you guys again too.

Visitors from Canada
Kathleen from Canada did visit me with her daughter. Did meet her with her other daughter last winter in the Philippines.

Visitors from Canada
Grace from Canada

Since the Canadians where never up here in the North of Thailand we went on a small scooter day trip with the Greeks. First to a hot spring that the Thais managed to destroy. Looks like they want to make it a tourist destination. With a car park, lots of bridges and tons of concrete. Total overkill and to far from everything. This place will look like a lot of these places after a few years. All the green they put will be dead and the bridges and the concrete will fall apart.

Small village in the North of Thailand
Stopped for lunch in a small village on the way. They had some sort of sport event for children going on. We had lovely local food for almost nothing and drove back towards town after it.

Small village in the North of Thailand

Friends from Scotland
Lewis from Scotland

Old Fiat Bus
Almost 99,5 % of the old buses you see here in Thailand are VW but from time to time you find another one. Nice ride!

Khao Soi
Still my Northern favourite

Garlic Harvest
The garlic field next to Twin Hut. Time to say good-bye to the green.

Garlic Harvest

Elena & Mitsos
The Greeks: Elena & Mitsos

Sunset back home
Sunset back home at Dee & Gerben’s place.

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