Winter 17/18 – Quite Days at the Beach in Đồng Hới

After Tet was over and Vietnam was "open for business" again it was time to pack the bag and move on towards Dong Hoi! My trusted bike was parked for the year in Ninh Binh and Viet was so kind as to move her from time to time. Put the big orange bag on my Yamaha Exciter 135 and rode to the next gas station. Fill her up and down South it was towards the blue sky and more sunshine. There is not really…

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From Phong Nha to Phố Châu

Another one of those Gray days. You can not see where the sun is the whole day because the Gray soup is so thick. And it looks as it would start to rain every second. Had my breakfast at the Mountain View Hotel. Since I do not like to eat eggs I had my Baguette with Tomatoes instead. That did confuse the boss woman for a few days but now she is used to it. And since I stayed here a few times she…

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A lazy day in Đồng Hới

According to the forecast it will be a sunny day with blue sky. I am so happy to stay at the beach. Until I open the doors to the terrace - it is Gray and misty - AGAIN.There is more blue sky and sun back home in winter than the last few weeks here in Vietnam! Good Morning Vietnam and thank you for the coffee Breakfast with friends at the Ocean View Homestay - better than breakfast with Facebook that is. Today I have…

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