From Khe Sanh to Đồng Hới

After a not so good night in Khe Sanh but a better breakfast: the good old pack the bag game. If you do it every day you get used to it and it goes quite fast. All the stuff you do not need is at the bottom and it stays there. Everything you need will be in the bag in a few minutes. Today's mission is to cover 240 kilometres on the Ho Chi Minh Road and there will be no gas station on…

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Quiet days in Pai

The days go fast when you do nothing and when you do something they go even faster. People arrive, become new friends and leave. Old friend come and go. The Pailand thing. It is still fresh in the night and the cats try to get some of the heat from last nights fire Bianca leaves for India Elena and Irinie at the Khao Soi place. Irinie did like it so much so she came back up after her trip to Laos LEO! Went with…

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Another Day in Pairadiese

Another visitor at my bungalow Greek olives and olive oil with Thai tomatoes and French bread! Thank you Mitsos!! Best Buddys Garlic harvest Isabelle Simona My bungalow Good morning cat! Sunset Beer View from my bungalow Mrs. Wiriya Wiseatkun Mr. Tangaiyakurn Punya The Balloon Mitsos and Lewis at the Khao Soi place Khao Soi - my favourite ;-) Pai dog on a bamboo bridge Irini and Romi leave for Laos Mailin from Bungalow #6 Where is the food? Raquel, Jose and Mitsos Another bowl…

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