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Back in Pai!

Only a few months after i left i am back again in Pai, Northern Thailand. Did take a taxi to the bus station and had enough time for lunch and than the front seat up into the mountains. The driver did take some detours to avoid traffic and i saw some new stuff on the way to the junction into the mountains. Than everything was the same old green and village and green. Until we got close to Pai. They still build new coffee shops and guest houses, hotels and resorts.

From the Bus Station to Twin Hut the same. A new house here and a few new shops there. Than i get there only to find out that the guys did confuse the date and i have no bungalow. So i sleep 2 night at the managers bungalow and move than to the 2nd row for 2 nights.

Twin Hut Pai
Not the view i am used to – but still better than a lot of other places

That never happened before – next time i have to call again. Now i am back at the 1st row and things are good.

Twin Hut Pai
Much better view!

The last few days it was quite cold in the night. Temperatures went down to 11 degrees and in the morning the fog creeps into the valley. The sun needs till 10.30 or 11 to clear the sky so it stays fresh for a while.

Twin Hut Pai
Best thing to do in the morning – take a cat and a cup of coffee and stay near the fire

On the 1st day i went for a walk as i woke up way to early. Did meet the owners of my favorite restaurant. They did move and i would never ever be able to find them. So one problem solved. My daily dose of Khao Soy Tofu is secured.

Twin Hut Pai
My welcome back to Twin Hut Khao Soy from Mama – with the nice extra dish on the side

Than i went a bit further past the one day market till the end of the builings


This machine does separate the corn cob from the leaves

Allianz Pai
German insurance giant Allianz made it to Pai and they had a little opening ceremony

Family Hut Pai
The do like their flower power at Family Hut

Family Hut Pai
The 1st time i did stay here 11 years ago – the little “fence” around the bungalow was made out of flowers – that was really nice

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