Happy New Year??

A friend from Israel die email me yesterday:
hi marc!
i not going to canada i gest get back from canada to israel less then one month ago…
but i wish i can fly frome here…
but i cant..no money left
also i have to study.
yesterday it was bombing less then 10 km from my home.
lucky i dont damage…
i dont understand why people get so violent
somtime human can be really stupped you know. (remember the stupped 2 american in pai…)
i hope i survive this war…
(i never been in the army so i dont go to fighet – the israeli army send only people that been in the army to fight.)
if i die. i want u to know u been a good and loyal frined…
good luck
i wish u have all good in your life.
how fucked up is this world and why will people never learn???
good luck my friend!!!

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