I am in Dubai…

and they made me walk 30 minutes from out of the plane to the departure gate – tsss.
How can you build an airport like a pencil??
And why can the planes not dock somewhere in the middle??

At last there is free internet and lots of power plugs. Did never see that many people sleep – something to keep one entertained while walking forever and a day.

The flight was ok – emirates has more than 600 different channels: movies, news, games and other stuff. no way to get bored. as i had my vegetarian menu 1st the guy that served the regular food did not know i had eaten already. so he asked me what i want and i told him the fish. he had one special fish menu left that he gave me instead of the regular fish. so i had even 2 times food :-)

Ludger took me and his driver for dinner in shanghai. Went to a nice place and had good food. Than his driver took me to the airport. i have to say that it is quite different when you have a limo service instead of an old santana taxi!
Cheers Ludger!!


  1. Well, i’m just dying from envying! So many trips… Stop to look at your blog. Enough. : )))

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